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Prestige Acro and Tumbling

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Are you passionate about competitive cheerleading, tumbling, or stunting? Ready to take your skill to the next level? Prestige Gymnastics Acro & Tumbling is your gateway to success! 

Bring your cheerleading skills to a sport that values strength, agility, and teamwork. Acro & tumbling combines the best of cheerleading, acrobatics, and gymnastics into a thrilling competitive environment. 

What Acro & Tumbling offers: 
  • Collegiate Scholarship Opportunities: There are multiple Division I, II, and III teams to continue this sport through college. 

  • Team Spirit: Acro & Tumbling encourages a high energy environment that creates lifelong friendships. 

  • National Competitions: Showcase your skills and routines on a prestigious platform.



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