Gym Parents Inc. Booster (GPIB)


Gym Parents Inc. Booster club

Gym Parent’s Inc. Booster mission is to ensure that every girl and her family are welcomed into the club and to make their experience a positive one by treating everyone with dignity, courtesy, and respect. In addition, every girl and her family will be provided support and encouragement to ensure that the GPIB experience is a positive one and that every girl who participates in gymnastics is afforded the opportunity to practice and compete with her peers. We will accomplish this mission by working with the girls and their families by providing financial support through fundraising efforts, by supporting them emotionally and providing them an environment that is conducive to their success as young athletes. It is the responsibility of every GPIB board member, and its body, to ensure that these principles are reflected in how we do business and there are no barriers that would limit participation

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GPIB Board

President: Susie Leese

Vice President: Neil Weaver

Secretary: Gretchen Plechner

Treasurer Rachel Welsh

Jr. Treasurer: Jen Angeny

Event Coordinator Shawn Ressel